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cumuli, cumuli references skyscapes, and echoes in sewn line the sentiment of the incidentalis prints. These sewn clusters spread across the wall, a time lapse of drifting clouds, while the scenes within are a microcosm of snarls and paths. The experience is similar to the sensation of staring into a massive sky of clouds, the shapes and tones subtly varying as they float further back in space. With closer examination, distinctions of line and color emerge The individual ovoid forms in this body of work are characteristic of a meteorological maps, petri dishes of floating bacteria, and embroidered samplers. This purposeful mix of micro and macro links the cellular, individual and private with the celestial, universal, and public. As I make this work, I consider cataclysm and catalyst. Throughout my process, each layer of stitching and printing builds but also obscures, each action of cutting and trimming destroys but also reveals. I use this method to imitate the cycle of disruptions, snarls, storms, and rebuilding, in which the remains become both the shadow of loss, and the seeds to rebuild.